Album Review: “Karp and Taylor get a super rock guitar riff going…”

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23260215522_7357393179_o[From Bman’s Blues Report]

I just received the newest release (March 1, 2016), The Arson’s Match (live In NYC with Mick Taylor), from Peter Karp and it’s hot! This was originally recorded live at a sold-out performance in NYC and broadcast on Sirius XM. All proceeds of sales of this CD go to Ovarian Cancer Research. Opening with the title track, Arson’s Match, Karp takes the lead on vocal and and Elmore James style slide guitar, with Dennis Gruenling on harp and Mick Taylor with his blues style making this a smoking opener. With a lighter hand and an almost Van Morrison feel, Gee Chee Gee Chee Wawa, is a pop rocker with Jim Ehinger on keys, Daniel Pagdon on bass and Paul “Hernandez” Unsworth on drums. Y’All Be Lookin’ is a cool track with a great driving bass line. Karp rips the slide on this one and the crowd is definitely revved. The Turning Point starts as an acoustic ballad building throughout with a solid melody and a funky southern rhythm. Rocker, The Nietsche Lounge, has a great driving boogie feel. This is one of my favorite tracks on the release with rumbling bottom, rolling guitars and an country swing twist. Latin rhythms take Your Prettyness to a different space featuring Dave Keyes on piano, and Jim Ehinger on keys. Hernandez sets the rhythm and Karp tells the story. With it’s swinging break this is a smoking cool track with a really nice piano solo from Keyes, a smoking swing from Gruenling. Very nice! Rolling On A Long has a smooth jazziness to it. Gruenling really lays down a hot harp solo on this track and Karp’s best vocal efforts are on this track as well. Bluesy ballad, I’m Not Giving Up, in 3/4 time has definite radio feel and organ work by Ehinger. Again, I particularly like Karp’s vocals on this track and use of the neck pickup on this track gives the rhythm guitar a cool contrast to the expressive guitar soloing taking the track to the end. Very nice! Treat Me Nice is a cool boogie with a good blend of vocal, guitar and harp. Wrapping the release is Train O’Mine, featuring the harp wizardry of Gruenling and a straight rock beat. Karp and Taylor get a super rock guitar riff going with rudimentary drum and bass work setting a great base for Gruenling to take it home. Very nice!

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